Technology Upgrade Happening June 10th Weekend
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Technology Upgrade

As First-Lockhart National Bank continues to grow, we are committed to offering the best products and services to our customers, as well as providing a level of service that exceeds expectations.  Changes in bank technology continually improve how we provide you with the information needed to manage your accounts.   

On June 10, 2022, First-Lockhart will upgrade to a new processing system.  We are very excited about the updates and enhancements that will be coming in June.

In preparation for the upgrade, please be aware of the following areas that will be affected:

Online Banking   Bill Pay Mobile Banking 
 TeleStar Banking Night Deposit  Account Statements 
 Escrow Payments              Cash Management              Teller Services  
 Quicken, QuickBooks and Mint 

We have prepared a detailed guide of what to expect before, during and after the upgrade is complete to help with this transition. We anticipate a smooth upgrade, and our goal is to have as little inconvenience as possible as we move information from our old processing system to the new system.    As always, if you have any questions or concerns about what is happening at the bank, please feel free to contact us at

We appreciate your patience as we all make this transition.

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